It’s good to plan and here at Nina Walton Marketing we believe that having a solid marketing plan is a vital foundation for any business.

An effective marketing plan:

  • Provides clarity, focus and direction
  • Looks at where your business is now, where it wants to be & how it will get there
  • Reviews appropriate target markets
  • Ensures appropriate activity reaches all target markets
  • Helps to increase sales and raise your business profile
  • Provides a timeframe for activity and key measures to help benchmark progress
  • Ensures budgets and time can be used most effectively

We can help you build a strategy, providing focus on your growth plans and business aims. We will create a plan or campaign that integrates different elements of the marketing mix, taking into consideration your objectives, target audience and marketing budget. We will also create metrics and measures so that progress can be reviewed and monitored on an ongoing basis.

Contact us today to discuss how Nina Walton Marketing can help your business create a targeted marketing plan.